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These FREE CyberTours download in about 30 seconds depending on your Internet connection. Intended to be distributed on floppy disks or as email attachments when 52k modems were cutting-edge technology, with current high-speed bandwidth connections, larger and more advanced CyberTours are possible. The last example is a more recent work.

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TieCare   TieCare International Incorporated is a leading supplier of healthcare insurance to expatriates worldwide. This CyberTour includes a screen saver. (800 x 600 pixel screen setting required)
Matrix Matrix Plastics Limited is one of Europe's leading suppliers of plastics. Take their CyberTour today!
Westminster Westminster Portfolio Services was among Pattaya, Thailand's best-known investment advisors. Everything you want to know about investment is here.
Hand to Hand This Privilege Card was once Thailand's most widely accepted. Screensaver Volume II Interactive Multimedia Screensaver is a tasteful work of photo art that automatically displays on your computer 155-375 full-screen photograph’s of God’s crowning Creation. Password-protected, state-of-the-art, standalone, ready-to-run and easy to use. Each screensaver is a single, self-extracting, executable (.exe) application file that automatically expands and plays with a simple double-click. (Only demo is free.) Instructions and password.

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