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Clients of Webmaster Resources Bangkok search engine marketing, search engine optimization, ppc search engine internet marketing, web design


Masterpiece Paintings Gallery makes secure online e-commerce art shopping easy! It offers unsurpassed quality painting reproductions of the world's most famous paintings by it's most famous painters such as Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Edward Hopper, William Blake, Henri Rousseau, Leonardo da Vinci and others. Any artist. Any painting. Any size.

Looking for a wedding anniversary, birthday, executive, corporate, religious, romantic or unique gift? Masterpiece Paintings Gallery accepts commissions and does portraits as well! A portrait created from photos is a unique and affordable way to capture loved ones. It can be comprised of individuals, couples, families, pets and any objects.

Masterpiece Paintings Gallery's artists have perfected their skills over many years and create reproductions nearly identical to original masterpieces except for lack of aging and damage. They reproduce the mood and spirit of the original artist as well as the shapes and colors, refraining from adding their own interpretation.


Matrix Plastics is one of the UK's leading plastics manufacturing companies. Based in Slough near London, it serves clients throughout Europe. Matrix produce plastic polymers that are precisely matched to the exacting color requirements of their clients.

When they wanted to expand their market share, they chose Webmaster Resources' Multimedia Disk Presentation (MDP) as an effective and economical way to deliver an interactive multimedia corporate presentation.

These stand-alone, 1.2 MB presentations fit on a standard floppy disk or can be attached easily to an email message. They work on all versions of Windows, install nothing on a viewer's computer and leave nothing when finished. Of course, extremely more powerful multimedia presentations and other applications such as screensavers are possible with the memory capacity of CDs or DVDs.


The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is one of the Thailand's leading providers of world-class cosmetic surgery. Dr. Somsak had Webmaster Resources build and search engine optimize his modest 8-page site in 1999. Search engine results are dynamic and change constantly but he's still in the Top 10 of all leading search engines in April 2007. Dr. Somsak's clinic currently enjoys a Google PageRank of 4. Eight years later, he ranks:


Memorable Quote: “When the will is ready the feet are light.”

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